Stock Trading Strategy

Stock Trading Strategy

This is something I really need to spend some more time thinking on.

For the time being I just have the big picture elements of it but as I get more detail will add it back in.

Some of the key points are below:

(a) Identify a set of stocks that I have in the coverage universe (I have done the initial preparation on this as am sticking to consistent dividend payers).
(b) Start each week flat (ie no trading positions).
(c) On a daily basis – identify the plan of action each morning.
(d) Take action so go long if there appears to be a good entry point to go long – with the time span of the close being intraday.
(e) Depending on market activity the position from (c) may be closed intraday (or not). But ideally it will be closed.
(f) Close out of the positions that have been opened during the week.

Have to start filling out these details but this is an initital draft of the main elements of it.

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