first trade of 2016 – Long T (AT&T) just prior to Jan 6th Ex Date

Hi !)


Just want to make a note that a trade was made today.

Noting this down I hope will help me give good focus on what has been done and why. In this situation it was coming to the ex dividend date for AT&T  (6th of January =  the day after tomorrow).


Security = T (AT&T)

Position = Long 500 shares

Entry Price = $ 34.07

Total Cost =   $ 17,044.99


Just following up to mention I picked up a second 500 share lot at $ 34.18 (total cost on this $ 17099.99)

Total Cost = $ 34,144.98

Ideally will close the position today.


Tuesday Jan 5th 2015, 8.55PM Paris time – the position was closed out. Sold the 1K shares at 34.59 (amount after comissions = $ 34,579.37) for a gain of $ 434.39.

Was not confortable holding this position with the volatility we are seeing so prefer to close this and move on..

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