Realty Income DRIP (O US)

One of the main areas where I am plan to generate income is by investing in dividend paying companies.  I really like this method as I think it does not take too much time to stay on top of.

Albert Einstein had once said that compounding of interest was one of the biggest wonders in the world.

With dividend reinvestment, investors could take advantage of this compounding for wealth accumulation.

In addition to that, by selecting companies whose stocks regularly raise dividends, investors could essentially turbocharge their returns in the long run.

Once stock which I really like in terms of generation of DRIP Income is Realty Income (ticker = O US).

Some historic details on the dividend payment history of  Realty Income are the following:

  • 536 Consecutive Monthly Dividends Paid
  • $3.3+ Billion Paid since 1969
  • 70 Consecutive Quarterly Increases
  • 5% Approximate Compound Annualized Growth Since 1994

In terms of the portfolio of properties. The following is a summary of the distribution of the investment portfolio

  • 4,300+ Properties Under Long-term Net Lease Agreements
  • 234 Commercial Tenants
  • 47 Industries
  • 49 States plus Puerto Rico
  • 79% Retail Properties
    (as a % of Rent)
  • Top Tenant: 5.4% of Rent

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